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Welcome to Ads NZ, a website where New Zealanders can promote their business and personal products. The following terms and conditions are intended as to protect you and us from getting ripped off.

The terms and conditions set out below are the terms on which Ads NZ offers you to place an ad on this website free of charge. By placing an ad on Ads NZ you accept the terms and conditions set out herein.

Acceptance of terms:

These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time, without notification. You are responsible for ensuring you are familiar with the latest terms and conditions.

Description of the Ads NZ service

Ads NZ provides a venue for buyers and sellers to trade their products on, as well as providing businesses opotunities to promote themselves. This is all done by indivuals and businesses placing ads onto the site, which Ads NZ then lists under varies categories for viewers to view. Ads NZ is only a venue, and does not take any part in the sales of goods, or the resolution of disputes resulting from transactions conducted as a result of the information or functionality provided by the site. Ads NZ makes no guaranties as to the content, safety or legality of the items listed, the ability of the seller to sell items, or the ability of buyers to complete the purchase.

At your own risk

Transactions conducted with other members are entirely at your own risk. Ad NZ takes no responsibility for any misconduct of its members. Ad NZ takes no responsibility for members that have registered under false pretences or any attempts by members to defraud other members. Ad NZ makes no guaranties as to the legality of the goods and services that are listed on the site.

Proceed with caution for all transactions and communications with other members - they are conducted entirely at your own risk.

Conditions of placing an Ad

Placing an ad is free. There are no restrictions on who may place an ad on Ad NZ. As an ad placer on Ad NZ, you agree to the terms and conditions set out in this document. Your obligations as a user and ad holder of Ad NZ are:

1) You will provide complete and accurate personal information when registering to use the service.

2) You will enter listings (classifieds and business ads( that are accurate, truthful and complete.

3) You will NOT enter listings that are unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, invasive of another's privacy, or otherwise objectionable.

4) You will NOT list items that you are not legally entitled to sell. You will NOT sell illegally obtained goods or intellectual property.

5) All ad listings through Ad NZ shall be made in good faith. You will only place listings for items that exist and are to be sold.

6) Ads NZ classifieds ads, may only be used by individuals to sell specific goods only. Services or businesses must list ads under business ads.

7) You will NOT use Ad NZ classified ads to promote a business or website. You are intiled, however, to promote a business or website, when listing an ad in the BUSINESS AD'S.

8) When listing business ad's, the follwing out lines MUST be follwed correctly:

The website MUST clearly show to be owned and designed by a New Zealander.

The Website MUST be primarily intended for New Zealanders viewers or clearly about New Zealand.

The URL is a proper domain-name (non-redirecting) and not an IP address.

When listing your site, be honest about its listing.
Don't make your website sound better than it is.

9) You shall not attempt to damage or harm the Ad NZ site or services.

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