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We strongly recommend you read our About Buying policy before you buy a product from our website.


Here at Ads NZ we don't have any imput between the buyer and seller, when the transaction of a product takes place. We can however, give you the best methods, to prevent you from getting ripped off.


Email the seller before you buy the product. Ask questions about the product you are looking to buy. Make sure you know everything about the product before you buy it. Try to see a photograph of the product before you buy the it.

When Emailing the seller ask him/ her how you will pay for the product. Find out how it could be delivered to you. If you live around the area of the seller, perhaps you could pick it up or the seller could drop it of to you. At least that way you can look at the product before you buy it.

Otherwise the alternative option is to get the product delivered to you. This however is where risks start to come in! There is no guarantee as to the safety of your buy. Make sure you communicate with the seller before you buy the product. Perhaps you would like to talk to the seller via the phone to make sure that the product is exactly what you want.

Methods of payment can include a cheque or depositing the money directly into the sellers bank account.
The cost of delivery can be a major factor. Products like cd's can normally be delivered nationwide for around $2.40c. Just remember the bigger the product gets the more it costs to buy!

Discuss who will pay for the delivery, wheather you want to pay half each, or the seller pays or you pay. Make sure you both know before you buy the product.

Generally by having high levels of communication with the seller both yourself and the seller can both feel safe and be satisfied by your trade. GOODLUCK with you trade, the rest is now up to you!


I sent the money to the seller and they didn't send the goods!

Firstly, make sure you have given the seller ample time to send the goods. If you have sent the money directly to the seller and you have not got the goods then it is very difficult for us to resolve the issue. Hopefully you do have the name of the seller and can then contact the Police. If you do not have the name of the seller contact the police regardless. We will assist the Police to help track the identity of the fraudulent seller at their request.
We will not provide any additional information on traders unless this is at the request of the Police.

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