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Name of Company: Armstrong Automotive
Description: All petrol & light diesel repairs. Fully
equipped, Excellent client base, walk in walk out.
Mobile Number: 025 2958020
Location: Rotorua

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Name of Business: Mikhails Upholstery
Description of Business: Furniture re-upholstery, restoration, French polishing, Antique Specialist.
Location: Wellington
Mobile Number: 027 40 50 327
Email Address:

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Description of Business: WE NEED YOUR PRODUCTS
Do you think your product is suitable for 'Party Plan Sales'?
Do you live in New Zealand?
If the answer to both questions is YES.
Then I want to hear from you.
Location: Kaiapoi, North Canterbury
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Name of Company: The Superior Mills Supply - Battery Eliminator
Description: A cheap, reliable, high quality POWER SUPPLY. It is also very safe - with mains protection, short circuit protection, various voltage outputs, etc. IDEAL FOR -
portable tv's, gameboy's, walkman's, radio's, clock's, making electronic circuits and most other electronic appliances.


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